KFTC Episode 1: 35 Years of Action for Justice

Hi! And welcome to our first episode! This segment of Power to the People highlights the work of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth: a state-wide social justice organization that has been building grassroots power for over 35 years.

In this episode, we invite you to come along with us to our annual members’ meeting, held at General Butler State Park. We’ll hear from KFTC member Princess Gordon on her second visit to the annual meeting, and from long-time activist and Lifetime Achievement Award winner Jeff Chapman Crane, on their KFTC origin stories.

Executive director Burt Lauderdale and Immediate Past Chairperson Dana Beasley Brown share with us their perspectives of KFTC’s vision as an organization – how it has been shaped, and how it will continue to manifest over the next 35 years.

We bring you to workshops on racial justice and nonviolent direct action, zoom in on long-term campaign building, and share stories and conversations of why our work is important in Kentucky.


Produced and edited by Macy Gould, Maria Starck, and Meredith Wadlington

Special thanks to Allison Crawford, Chuck Clenney and Beth Howard for production assistance.



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