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  • Yep…social media is “sloppy seconds” (such a great way to put it) and it DOES suck. I’m a phone person…I at least like to hear their voice. But, everyone gets busy…they might have children that don’t allow phone calls…or your job doesn’t really ever stop…or your exhausted and the thought of talking to someone and filling them in is too exhausting.
    I’m all about short calls if that’s all anyone can do. I write letters. I miss the handwriting of my loved ones. I chose to move. I chose to be far away. Moving here mended my soul in many ways. My babies were born here. I love the trees that are gathered like silent friends…reminding me that there are seasons and change…just hold on.
    And yeah…I hate FB. I want to do a clean sweep…if I know I’m never going to see you again and you don’t make an effort at all to contact me–ever–then, be gone.
    But, yeah…I, too, feel like this is my first home since I’ve been adult..Cecila. My insides go dark when I think about leaving. I am still trying to understand exactly why that is.
    I’m homesick for my friendships. I could be in contact with people daily. I’m still stuck in HS mode…always have been. Texting…I hate it…but that is the only way I can get some to respond.
    There is a problem there.

    okay, yes…an entire episode about social media –friend or foe would be great. There are so many reasons why it is GREAT. And then there are so many reasons why it is awful. (And how cool that I’m using social media to make this suggestion.)

    So yeah, call. (touch my face or name on your phone and don’t have my phone number memorized…)
    I’m always up for a chat.
    Great episode.

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