CentrePointe Has City Council Seeing Red

City Council members weighed the options of consolidating city hall to CentrePointe upon completion of the project by the current developers. Cost was the primary factor in their decision not to move forward with the idea. It would cost in excess of $5.5 million per year to relocate to Centrepointe while other options; The Transit Center and Lexington Convention Center, would be less than half of that cost.

“The proposal simply asked too much from taxpayers. While everyone wants to see progress, it shouldn’t come at a premium to citizens. The developers were unwilling to consider the boundaries Council felt were necessary to continue negotiations.”Lexington Mayor Jim Gray

In response to this decision, the developers have pulled out of the project. Mayor Jim Gray said the developers were not willing to stay within the city council’s coundaries, causing the deal to fall apart.

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  • Hey wait! This photo shows actual utility vehicles and contractor trucks down in the hole! Who photoshopped THOSE in?? :-p

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