Low-Power FM

In 2000, Congress and the FCC inaugurated a new designation called Low Power FM, for non-commercial and non-profit radio. The LPFM designation fosters diversity on the public airwaves, redistributing attention away from national commercial conglomerates. LCR is designated LPFM. We share that initiative’s values.

Community Radio is more than a medium. It’s a shared set of values, a desire to bring the airwaves to ALL people. Our friends at KHOI-FM in Ames, Iowa have said it really well:

“Community radio is fundamentally not a technical enterprise, but a venture into building humanity. Community radio is when local people produce and broadcast their own programs and participate in operating the station. It is community space for people to meet and collaborate. It is extraordinarily fun and often life-changing. It typically leads to individual creativity and self-empowerment. Participants find it extraordinarily satisfying, not just to make radio in this unique fashion, but to also help transform community life.Community radio is a world-wide phenomenon. Its roots date back to the late 1940s when it was introduced as a way to offer media access to union members and their families during a labor strike in Bolivia. In 1949, Pacifica Foundation established the first community radio station in the United States. Since then, this vibrant media movement continues to spread throughout the world—from Western countries to remote third-world communities. The urge to do community radio fulfills the basic desire for communication and self-expression and is on the forefront of today’s democracy movements.”KHOI-FM - 'What Is Community Radio?'